Do You Qualify?

My job is to rapidly scale your business by generating targeted, qualified leads from high-volume traffic sources all over the internet. I have the skills and experience to do it for the right clients.

But I have to be very selective because my own business is not scalable. I am a one-man consulting practice that has been in business for 48 years, the last 18 years as a digital ad agency. I have no desire to hire employees and foreign freelancers so I only have so many hours in the day to achieve your goals. I take pride in my work and results. At this point, I am most efficient in generating leads at a massive scale for a few larger clients rather than being a jack of all trades for smaller clients. 

My top priority (deal breaker) is I have to like you and believe in your products and services. Life is too short to deal with rude clients or participate in ripping off your customers.

Next, your products/services need to be white hat. Nothing shady that will get your accounts banned or limit traffic scaling.  Please do the grandmother test. If you are not proud to tell your grandmother what you do for a living then this is not for you.

You should already have a proven sales funnel that you want to scale. I will help you tweak and split test your funnel for additional profitably but this is not for newbies with a dream. 

My minimum recommended ad budget is $10,000 per month. If that sounds like an enormous amount then you are not ready.

A US national campaign is preferred but I can also target large metro areas or other English-speaking countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

The actual traffic sources I would use for you and the budgets required will depend on your markets, audiences and goals. We’ll discuss these before launch so there are no surprises.

Rapid scaling does not mean blowing a bunch of money to see if it works, although it may require some testing on various traffic sources to dial in what will work best for you before we scale. 

If the above terms are agreeable and you would like the discuss this further, please complete the form below and I will promptly contact you by phone. There is absolutely is no obligation or sales pressure. I would rather miss a good opportunity that is not perfect for you than persuade someone that is not also perfect for me.

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